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Just in case anybody's still out there.

Hi. Hope you're happy and well. On my end? The last few years have been kinda rough; but things are moving -- slowly -- in a pretty good direction. Life's definitely stabilized, and started even to get gradually better.

Let's see.

2011: went to Long Beach to see the Dalai Lama, but he flaked 'cause there was a tsunami and he got sick while in Japan.

2012: went back to Long Beach and took three days of teachings and initiation from Dalai Lama -- he said he'd make good on his promise after he had to cancel, and he certainly did, less than one year later!

2013: bad year. Effectively lost David, my life partner, along with my Aldo fursuit and a bunch of historic Tibetan antiques (long story for another time, perhaps). Moved 1494 miles from home to a frozen wasteland with a different culture I knew nothing about. Landed in jail for 38 days over something that I didn't even do, then wound up (briefly!) living on the streets. Filed federal civil rights lawsuit against Salvation Army while homeless ('cause I had LEGAL STANDING, baby!).

2014: got off the streets (though into living in a madhouse). Kinda retreated into playing forum games on a smartphone to get through it.

2015: moved outta the madhouse to group home that felt like a monastery, where i managed to make two friends. At the end of the year (Boxing Day) I finally moved into a tiny little apartment right downtown, in walking distance of everything. Started trying to re-establish all the little daily things that make sane living possible (and yes, I do still struggle with that).

2016: kinda made a hermit of myself. There ain't much to do in this town, and *something's* wrong with *everyone* who lives here. (You have to be crazy to live in Minnesota, the saying goes, and it's so true on so many different levels.) Fell in love once, that lasted just about two months. Got fallen in love with by someone else, that lasted a few more months. June 26th, I got a ferret, named him Meng. Got diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia in September; got it treated promptly (chemotherapy); the prognosis is good. Been keeping a relatively low profile what with the confederate flags next door and all. (My poor Somali neighbours have it *really* hard.)

2017: so far, I've gone shopping two separate days, installed a new showerhead and sink aerator, have plenty of food in the house, and am more-or-less comfortably waiting for the latest snowstorm to blow over. It's fierce out there -- practically whiteout conditions -- blizzard -- and gonna get a lot more cold, tomorrow.

If you're reading this, now, thanks for doing your part making the best years of my life. :^) :^)

All the best!

Be well,

xeltifon (formerly Aldo)
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