xeltifon (xeltifon) wrote,

Chernobyl Diaries.

Just saw it.  Loved it.  sabotlours and I talked about guerilla fursuiting (coinage: albear) the place -- but until that happens, well -- it's worth seeing just for the footage of Pripyat (sp?) and my oh my that reactor control room.  The soviets had some good ideas in regard to things like natural lighting, but obviously the meat-and-potatoes end of things did have some minor technical difficulties.  If you have a choice be sure and see it in digital -- it's very dark, to the point that I don't think you could even make out quite a bit of the action if they even did make film prints of it.  Seriously, though -- were there people in this film?  I was just on the edge of my seat watching all the locations.  Actually, I think that may have been sabot in that one scene.  Although how he could possibly run so fast in a quad suit is just beyond me.  Be well, xrltifon
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