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Good karma day.

Whatever I'm doing, I'm doing *something* right. Just as surely as I had a string of "bad" karma days a few weeks back, today has been exceptional.

First, the gas got turned on. Yay! This was a long, drawn-out rigamarole, with Texas Gas Services being a royal pain in the ass, illegally insisting on irrelevant personal documentation to the point where I threatened to file a complaint with the Railway Commission. But today, they came out, turned it on, so not only will we have heat come winter, WE HAVE HOT RUNNING WATER RIGHT NOW. (Thank you, roommate, or whatever it is we're calling eachother.) I can finally clean myself (not to mention things like dishes) *properly*.

Then the AT&T guy came and set up our DSL. This has been an ongoing nightmare for David -- beginning in April -- and for me since I moved in with him a few weeks back. There was a misunderstanding about registration which proved a shameful waste of time, as AT&T repeatedly proved either unwilling or incompetent to tell us *one* simple bit of information -- "you enter *this* ten digit number there, not *that* one, silly goose" -- without bouncing us around between "departments" including technical support, Macintosh technical support, regional technical support (which closes at 5PM sharp!), and then back again, each time requiring a fresh call with the need to freshly enter all the numbers again and again and again, totalling over *four* hours spent in calls on my watch alone. And then the more of the same with their online chat support things. Ugh. Fucking bullshit. Finally said "if it's not up and running by 5 PM today I will cancel service". Then I spoke with Stephanie -- who RULES -- she spent 45 minutes with us patiently while we got all set up. Yes, I'm going to give her a *stellar* review when the relevant surveys come 'round. She saved not one but two *very* pissed-off customers, and should be promoted to managing "retention" if she's not already there. Best of all, I'm now online on my own network. Woot!

Then ran into an old friend who I haven't seen since Community Foundation days. You know -- back when my whole life was all about the Paramount-Publix Plaza Theatre. Oh, wait -- no one here remembers me in those days, since *that* was the project that finally drove me online in the first place. (Theatre restoration leading to pipe organ mailing lists leading to the South Park Palace leading to Spumco leading to Furries leading me to LJ -- or something like that.) ;^) ;^) Anyhow, it was great seeing her, all the more since the little reunion provides yet another layer of backchannel communication that I need right now to someone who -- but nevermind. I think I *will* have a few secrets now, thanks very much. ;^) ;^)

Then off to the acid test for whether I'm having a good karma day -- the thrift store! (I *refuse* to say which one online. Every time I do, they wind up jacking up their prices, getting people from out of town, and wind up going *straight* to the dogs.)

If you ever want to know your standing with the universal energies of pure cause and effect, you can't hardly do better than hop on over to a thrift store. It's a good little "canary in the coal mine" type of thing, along the lines oh I dunno of pendulums and tarot cards. (Or maybe it only works for furfag ferrets with alleged tweakish tendencies. Who knows?) But if you're not right with the world, I tell you -- they can be horrifying denizens of screaming babies, fat people arguing in public about everything inconsequential, the odours of clothing and bedding that should have been burned long ago (free smallpox with every queen-sized set!), parasitic bottom-feeding bargain-hunters, and all manner of nightmares far too terrible to commit to writing.


On the other hand, though: if you're *good* with the world, you'll find valuable antiques, vintage collectibles you can resell and turn a modest profit on, beautiful and useful things you really ought to own, and (maybe if you're very, *very* lucky) what you went looking for in the first place! In my case, today, I got three very fashionable pairs of pants that FIT for pennies on the dollar. I also got an AIrPort Extreme Base Station (model A1034) that I'm really not sure what exactly to do with -- but heck -- the universe drops a Macintosh wireless router in your lap, you sure as hell don't say no! And finally, I got (from one of the $1.99 bags) a matching camouflage dog leash and collar set that fits me. ;p It also just happens to be perfectly coordinated with the army fatigues I'm wearing which Remo gave me when I didn't have clothes. Also matches the stunning malachite mala from the 17th Karmapa. I don't think I'm ever gonna take it off. (The collar, that is -- the leash is just a *little* much for going out in public -- gotta leave *something* for the bedroom's supposed privacy, correct?)

Got home a little after ten, made quesadillas for David and me, ate 'em, came in here to write and blah de blah blah: there I am.

Tomorrow I plan on making a point to go somewhere in the morning hours where I'll connect with another friend I haven't had any dealings with since I was seventeen. Another big influence in my life. Then I need to pop over the state line to get my driver's record for the job I start on Friday. And believe it or not, I've got cash in my pocket for that.

Life is good. Here's hoping it's the same for anyone and everyone who reads these words.

Be well,

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