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Nice weekend.

Quiet, though. Think I missed the boat on that job offer, but I know they'll keep me in mind for a while later on, too. I've known these people all my life, and they run a damn *good* organization. Believe what you will. It's worth waiting a while to get in. Until then, well, I'll just have to keep being resourceful! Ah well -- it keeps me on my toes. Only things I really need money for anyway is gasoline and tobacco. I finally have all the time I need to do precisely what I need to do. These needs include sleeping, reading, and writing. Nobody bothers me, and if it *is* sometimes a tad monastic, what the hell -- it is a welcome change after the way I have been living. Might as well enjoy the peace and quiet while I can, 'cause nothing lasts. Nothing.

Not much else of excitement to report. No, wait -- there was that ten year-old girl being held for $10,000 ransom. No one I know personally, just a friend of a friend kind of deal. Maybe somebody's cousin. Terrible story, but word on the street is it ended without further violence, at least after the gang rape. Talk about facepaws -- If you're gonna run guns, guys, you don't need to breed! And, duh, if you *must* breed then you shouldn't run guns. Get it? Good. No need to inscribe it over the Santa Fe bridge.
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